Government hopes for Sh2 billion program to renovate Greater Kampala

The Minister of Local Government, Mr. Raphael Magyezi, has urged Greater Kampala’s technical and political leaders to work together to ensure the successful implementation of the $566 million (Sh2.1 trillion) Urban Development Programme.

Magyezi said the Kampala Metropolitan Area Urban Development Program (GKMA-UDP), which is being funded by the World Bank, will improve infrastructure development and physical planning, among others, in Kampala, Mukono, Mpigi and Wakiso.

“The objective of this program is physical planning and ensuring that the entire Kampala region in its broadest sense, including Wakiso, Mpigi, Entebbe and Mukono, is developed as a single entity,” he said.

“The challenge has been that we developed Kampala alone and its surroundings in silos, but this is not effective. With this program we want to break these silos because when water flows from Kampala to Bweyogerere, it cannot be said that it has now reached the limit of Kampala and it must stop there,” he added.

The minister spoke in Kampala on May 17 during the handover of vehicles meant to implement the program to the administrative heads and municipal secretaries of the nine municipalities in the four districts.

The vehicles were delivered to the municipalities of KCCA, Entebbe, Kira, Makindye-Ssabagabo, Mukono and Nansana, as well as the local governments of Mukono, Mpigi and Wakiso districts.

Minister Magyezi said the program will seek to connect roads, markets and drainage systems in the four districts.

He congratulated the World Bank for the loan that will finance the programme, adding that it falls within the framework of Vision 2040 and the NRM manifesto.

The minister, however, warned municipal officials and CAOs not to use the vehicles for their personal matters.

At the same event, Greater Kampala Minister Hajjati Minsa Kabanda warned against misappropriation of funds in the implementation of the programme.

“This is our baby program in Kampala Metropolitan. Previously we have seen projects such as road construction carried out in silos. You find a half-paved road and when you ask they tell you that Kampala ends here, the other part that is not paved in Wakiso. We want to put an end to this,” she stated.

Mónica Edemachu Ejua, undersecretary of the Office of the President, said the program will improve roads, drainage systems and markets, among others, in the nine districts and municipalities.

“This is a five-year program aimed at addressing the challenges of the Greater Kampala metropolitan area, including traffic congestion, siled planning and flooding. It will improve accessibility, mobility and interconnectivity by building major roads where traffic flows to address the challenge of congestion,” Ms Edemachu said.

He also said that the program is expected to lead to job creation, especially for youth and women. “Under this program we intend to develop markets as work spaces for these economic clusters. We will also have institutional strengthening to develop their capacity to successfully implement the program,” she said.

He said that the nine vehicles delivered to municipalities and local district governments are part of institutional strengthening to ensure that they can monitor the implementation of the program.

About the program
The Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area Urban Development Program (GMKA-UDP) seeks to implement the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Local Economic Development Strategy, which was endorsed by Cabinet in March 2020. The focus areas of the program include road improvements , drainage infrastructure, establishment of work spaces and strengthening coordinated planning capacity.