Children’s bodies in suitcases: trial date set for 2025

The trial of a South Korean woman accused of killing her two children and stuffing their bodies in suitcases will take place in September next year, three years after her arrest.

His trial was just days away from starting last month when it was postponed for fair trial reasons.

And this morning at the High Court in Auckland, Judge Matthew Downs confirmed that Hakyung Lee’s new trial date was more than a year away.

The trial, which was scheduled to last four weeks, will now begin on September 8, 2025.

Police at the Clendon Park location where the bodies were found.

It has been six years since the death of her two children (six-year-old Minu Jo and eight-year-old Yuna Jo), and a year and a half since legal proceedings against Lee began.

She has denied murdering the children.

Lee was in court today with an interpreter to hear the new date.

She remained in custody until trial and was scheduled to appear in court for a summons in July.

The case so far

Hakyung Lee hides her face before being extradited to New Zealand.

Minu Jo and Yuna Jo were found dead in August 2022 after a family purchased the contents of an abandoned storage locker in Papatoetoe.

The family took the goods to their home in Clendon Park, where the bodies were discovered in suitcases among the items.

The children are believed to have died in 2018. Immigration records show Lee returned to South Korea that year.

An investigation was launched following the gruesome discovery and about a month later, in September 2022, Lee was arrested in South Korea at the request of New Zealand.

South Korean police found her in the city of Ulsan.

Lee was extradited and returned to New Zealand in November of that year.

He has been in court ever since and lost his name suppression in July last year.