I was in the forest praying, fasting.

Vice President Rigathi Gachagua revealed that he had taken seven days in the heart of the Mount Kenya forest to pray, fast and meditate.

Gachagua revealed this during the funeral of the late Julius Kano Ndumbi, former principal of Kianyaga Secondary School in Gichugu, Kirinyaga.

“I had taken seven days to pray, fast, meditate, there were no phones and no one could bother me. I had to meditate for the state of the nation and the well-being of this region,” Gachagua said.

He also took the opportunity to attack leaders who are being used to divide the community.

Gachagua said he was willing to fight for the interests of the region and urged the people to unite and speak with one voice.

“The people of Kenya are wise and know when politics are at play, let us not allow anyone to divide us,” he said.

He noted that the narrative being pushed that it is the turn of other counties in Mt Kenya to govern is regressive and aims to divide the community.

The DP said it would move forward to fight and unite the people of Mount Kenya.

“Anyone who understands the intelligence of the mountain people will regret it because they will be surprised. We must remain united and not let anyone get in the way of the community and divide us,” Gachagua said.

Gachagua came to light on Sunday after a week of silence.

His whereabouts had raised questions.