Ireland and other European countries will recognize the Palestinian state – POLITICO

In recent weeks, Ireland has discussed the possible timing of recognizing Palestinian statehood in a series of meetings with the governments of Spain, Slovenia, Belgium, Norway and Malta, all of which broadly share Ireland’s view that the EU as a whole jointly should recognize the Palestinian state. .

In anticipation of Dublin’s move, the Israeli Foreign Ministry released a video criticizing Ireland for allegedly playing into Hamas’ hands.

“The fact that Hamas leaders are thanking you should serve as a wake-up call,” the Israeli government video chides in the message to Ireland.

Until now, Sweden has been the only EU member to unilaterally recognize Palestine as a state. Several other European countries adopted the position before joining the EU.

While none of the G7 nations recognize Palestine, more than 140 of the 193 members of the United Nations do.

CORRECTION: This article was updated to correct the number of UN member countries.