Welsh model flunts surgery makeover – but people ‘thought she looked great before’

A Welsh has shown off her transformation following £30,000 worth of plastic surgery.

Jazmyne Day, who is originally from Gwent, Wales, but now lives in Las Vegas, US, is a content creator known for her voluptuous figure and notably her M-cup bust.

However, she took to Instagram page this week to reveal her pre-surgery appearance to her 496,000 followers.

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The 30-year-old has spent £29,854 on aesthetic procedures, including two breast augmentations, a Brazilian butt lift, and teeth alignment.

She posted a before-and-after comparison on her social media page with the first image displaying a less curvaceous physique with a modest bust and posterior, darker hair, and minimal makeup.

In contrast, the current photo exhibits Jazmyne’s enhanced M-cup chest and fuller figure, complemented by her platinum blonde hair and flawless makeup application.

Accompanying her post, Jazmyne penned: “Transformation Tuesday! Describe my glow up with emojis.”

Her transformation was met with enthusiasm from her fans, with one commenting: “Looking good.” Another expressed their awe at ella telling her she looked “incredible”, while a third fan endorsed her makeover, saying they were ‘loving the transformation’.

However, some followers reassured the model that she was already attractive before her transformation. “I think you were perfectly fine and beautiful before, but I’m glad you are happy,” one user commented. Another chimed in: “Both look great.”

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A third concurred: “You are really beautiful then and you’re still really beautiful now Jazmyne.”

Before embarking on her modeling career, Jazmyne worked a regular 9-5 job as an accountant. During this time however, she struggled with depression and faced hurtful remarks about her weight.

It was this that spurred her decision to change her life; she started exercising more and reduced her intake of sugary foods to enhance her well-being. Over the course of three years, she shed over 60lb of fat, gained upwards of 20lb of muscle, and also opted for surgery.

Jazmyne is said to be content with her current appearance, having ‘learned to love her body’.