Tanker truck drivers declare indefinite strike over poor service conditions

Members of the Ghana National Tanker Drivers Union have declared an indefinite strike demanding better conditions of service.

According to the drivers, an agreed policy framework aimed at improving their salaries and other working conditions has been on the table of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) board since November 2023.

Despite several efforts to get it approved, aggrieved drivers say the NPA board has refused to vote for its implementation.

The Vice President of the Ghana National Tanker Drivers Union, Sunday Alabi, said Citi News that a petition was sent to the Presidency for approval of the policy framework, which said they have not yet received a response.

He indicated that until the framework is approved they will continue to strike.

“We wrote a petition to the Presidency last week for the framework to be approved, but we have not heard anything yet and that is why we embarked on the sit-down strike, because the livelihood of our drivers is very bad.

“As the saying goes, ‘electricity has no leg, the copper cable it carries goes away’, the downstream oil sector has no leg, it is the tanker truck drivers who transport it, so we cannot suffer and the rest will suffer. “We are enjoying it and as long as they resist approving the framework, we will not resume work.”

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