Google announces new artificial intelligence advertising tools at Marketing Live 2024

Google has announced a range of new advertising tools at its “Marketing Live” event, including some impressive creative editing tools (powered by AI), new short ad formats, an updated Google Business presentation, and more.

And these are definitely worth taking note of for your strategy.

First, Google is working on a new process that will allow marketers to input their brand logo, color guidelines, and select fonts, along with product images, to generate more creative variations aligned with the brand.

Google Marketing Live 2024

As you can see in this example, Performance Max users will soon be able to enter various brand details to guide the generation of visual assets through Google’s AI system.

This will mean that the creativity generated will be more uniform and consistent.

Google Marketing Live 2024

Which could be a great way to keep your brand focused while using AI.

You will be able to see the generated variations of the creative in different placement formats, which could be of great benefit when creating your assets.

Google says the option will be available soon in Top Performance campaigns.

Google is also developing an AI creative improvement process, which will allow it to add generated objects, enlarge image backgrounds, and crop your images to fit using text prompts.

Google Marketing Live 2024

As you can see in this example, you will be able to, for example, highlight a section of an image that you want to change and then write what you want to add (such as “a large abstract oil painting for a canvas wall.”). The system will then update that specific element for you, making it easier to refine your creative elements.

Google says retailers will also be able to use these new editing features with product images from their Google Merchant Center feed, while it’s also rolling out something similar in Product Studio, as well as the ability to generate short videos from a single product photo.

“So, with the click of a button, you can animate product still image components to create short videos or fun product GIFs for social media.”

Google also has an updated, more visual format for Google Business profiles in Search.

Google Marketing Live 2024

As you can see in this example, The new Google Brand Profiles will highlight information included in Google Merchant Center, as well as Google Shopping Graph, to provide a more compelling overview of your business.

According to Google:

“Our visual brand profiles are inspired by the business profiles we offer to local businesses in Search and Maps. Your profile will highlight attractive product and brand images, videos, and customer reviews. Plus, we’ll display your current deals, promotions and shipping policies front and center, in a convenient place for shoppers.”

Which means you should update your Google business listings to ensure the most accurate information is presented in brand search queries.

Google says the new brand display format will be rolled out in phases over the coming months.

Google is also making its new AI-generated body shape examples available for shopping ads, to provide more context about how clothes look on different body types.

Google Marketing Live 2024

The process uses generative AI to simulate what a specific item of clothing will look like on different models.

Google originally detailed the new option last year, but is now looking to bring these views to more ad types.

Google is also looking to add generated 3D ads, as well as a feature “that allows shoppers to drill down into an ad to view product videos (including user-created shorts), summaries, and similar products provided by the advertiser.”

Google Marketing Live 2024

Google is also developing a new advertising experience in Search that will guide people through the process of planning certain purchasing decisions.

According to Google:

“Let’s say some friends are renovating and are looking for “short-term storage.” Clicking on an ad for a storage facility can create a dynamic experience where AI helps them discover what they need. If you share details, such as photos of furniture and your budget, Google AI could recommend the size of the storage unit and packaging materials with a link to purchase on the website.

Google is also adding new formats for short ads, to help brands take advantage of the growing popularity of short-form video content, while it is also testing new ad formats to align with its AI summaries, which are now are available for selected search queries.

Google Marketing Live 2024

Finally, Google will also make its Ads Data Manager available to all users, allowing businesses to enter their first-party data into the Google Ads system to refine the targeting of their campaigns. The process will also use AI to filter your information and create more meaningful audience segmentation options.

These are some impressive and interesting updates to The Big G, which have great potential in several ways. And while the arrival of AI generative summaries in Search will also have impacts on SEO, it is interesting to consider how Google seeks to counter this and ensure that advertising opportunities remain high in this new format.