African countries in political transition need support across the peace, security and development nexus – Medafrica Times

Morocco insisted, on Monday in Addis Ababa, on the need to support African countries in political transition, through the multidimensional nexus between peace, security and development.

The statements were delivered by the permanent representative of Morocco to the African Union and ECA, Mohamed Arrouchi, during the 1211th meeting of the AU Peace and Security Council, held to take stock of the political transitions in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali , Niger and Gabon.

The diplomat highlighted the relevance of the multidimensional approach (Peace, Security, Development Nexus), as advocated in the Tangier Declaration, to support countries in transition on the continent.

The diplomat, who heads the Moroccan delegation at this PSC meeting, stressed the importance of developing nexus projects adapted to each situation to address the root causes of instability and insecurity.

Arrouchi stressed that the time has come to operationalize the decision of the AU Conference that adopted the Tangier Declaration and move on to the next stage, which is to develop nexus projects to give concrete form to support for countries in transition, and give meaning to this operational dimension.

The diplomat reiterated that Morocco remains firmly committed to the principle of active solidarity, to support African countries in their process of political transition towards constitutional order, and to the need not to leave these brother African countries isolated in times of crisis. with a spirit of solidarity and benevolence, and the importance of providing these brother African countries with security, socio-economic and humanitarian support, so that they can resume their place in the concert of AU members as soon as possible.

Morocco also remains attached to the stability of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Guinea and Gabon, and continues to express its unwavering confidence in the ability of the authorities and national forces of these countries to adopt measures that can strengthen national cohesion and embark on a path lasting towards peace and stability, the diplomat reaffirmed.

Furthermore, Morocco highlights the importance of working within the framework of a calm and inclusive dialogue to prioritize the stability of these countries, Arrouchi added.