The EC registers 522,025 new voters

The Electoral Commission (EC) has reported a total of 522,025 registered voters as of Sunday, May 19.

The commission detailed the distribution of voters in various regions: the Greater Accra region recorded 74,420 voters, representing 14.3%; The Northeast region had 14,147 voters, representing 2.7%; The Upper East region registered 20,135 voters, representing 3.9%; and the North region had 47,948 voters, which represents 9.2%.

This information was revealed by Samuel Tetteh, Deputy Commissioner in charge of EC Operations, during a press conference in Accra on Tuesday.

He also noted that 20,886 voters (4%) were registered in the Bono region; the Bono Este region had 18,861 voters (3.6%); the Volta region had 26,486 voters (5.1%); the Upper West region had 15,652 voters (3.0%); The Eastern region had 48,563 voters (9.3%); The central region had 56,141 voters (10.8%).

Ahafo region had 10,861 voters (2.1%); The Ashanti region had 90,480 voters (17.3%); The North Western region had 16,225 voters (3.1%); The Oti region had 14,844 voters (2.8%); The Savannah region had 12,767 voters (2.4%); and the Western region had 33,609 voters (6.4%).

Regarding gender distribution, Tetteh stated that of the total registered voters, 246,455 were men (47.21%) and 275,570 were women (52.79%).

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