Australia Post refuses to deliver large packages to this Australian suburb

Just minutes from Janni Linahan’s home is a lively range of amenities, including a McDonald’s convenience store, Coles and 7-Eleven.

Surrounded by new developments and located just 50 km southeast of Melbourne CBD, the semi-rural suburb of Devon Meadows, is really growing.

However, due to their size and population, residents are not eligible for large parcel delivery, forcing many to endure a 40-minute journey through traffic to reach the nearest Australia Post collection point.

Cranbourne Parcel Collection Center is the nearest collection location for residents living in Devon Meadows, which is secluded for many.

“We’ve lived here about 14 years and we’ve never received packages here. It’s just a nuisance,” Linahan told

“You have to get out of your way.

“If there’s no traffic and you make it through the lights well, you’re probably looking at 15 to 20 minutes.

“But if there’s school traffic and you’re driving during rush hour, it used to take me up to 40 minutes, that’s one way.

“If I want something quick and I know I’ll be at work all day and won’t make it to the pickup point, then I have to start thinking about where I buy things.”

Janni Linahan is one of many residents angry about the lack of access. (Nine)

Frustrated residents have had enough, with more than a hundred people signing an online petition calling for Australia Post to make changes to its delivery service.

“As residents of Devon Meadows, we are regularly affected by the inconvenience and financial burden caused by Australia Post’s refusal to deliver parcels directly to our area,” the petition said.

“We pay for shipping, but are forced to go out of our way to pick up our packages, resulting in additional costs and time.

“This situation is not only unfair but also unsustainable for many local residents.

“Devon Meadows is a community that deserves the same postal services as other areas.

“The lack of direct package delivery affects our daily lives and adds unnecessary stress.”

An Australia Post parcel delivery center in Melbourne's Sunshine West.
Residents living in Devon Meadows have to travel to pick up large packages. (Jason South)

Devon Meadows has a population of 1,551 residents, according to the 2021 census.

The suburb is surrounded by Botanic Ridge with 6,739 residents and Cranbourne South with 17,400 residents. understands Australia Post is unable to deliver to the suburb due to its population and the size of its properties, with many having long roads.

An Australia Post spokesperson said the service had not yet received the formal request.

“Australia Post is currently delivering letters and small parcels to homes in Devon Meadows, and customers can collect larger parcels from our parcel collection center in Cranbourne.”

The rapidly growing community of Botanic Ridge is minutes from Devon Meadows. (Botanical Crystal).

Despite this, Linahan believes the community needs this vital service.

“It’s pretty busy with new properties coming up (where) there used to be fields. There are thousands of houses there,” he said.

“There is a McDonald’s that is open 24/7 and is always busy.

“There are about seven different new childcare centers in the area, it’s an area that’s really growing tremendously. It’s a lot bigger than it’s ever been.”