Condo owner allegedly finds rented unit in Kallang filled with cat urine, lingering odor and damaged furniture

Condo owner allegedly finds cat urine, broken furniture and odor-filled unit after tenants moved out

A financial advisor rented his condo unit to a mother-and-son couple, only to have them terminate the lease prematurely and move out before the rental period was up.

When she returned to the condo, she allegedly discovered that there were cats in the unit, which now has a lingering odor and stains due to cat urine.

Apparently, a lot of furniture had also been damaged.

As a result, the owner had to shell out about S$10,000 for cleaning and repairs. He will have to spend even more to buy new furniture.

Mother and son rented a unit in Kallang as the latter goes to school there.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the owner, Mr Xu (transcribed from Chinese), rented a three-bedroom unit, located in the RiverBay condominium in Kallang, to the mother and son for S$5,000 per month in October 2022 .

According to Mr. Xu’s understanding, the two have a house in Punggol.

The mother had decided to rent a place in Kallang because her son goes to a nearby school and it will be more convenient for them to live nearby.

Condo owner finds broken cabinets, cat urine stains and bad smell after repossessing it

In May 2023, approximately seven months into their stay, the couple abruptly decided to move out of the condo.

When Mr. Xu went to retrieve the unit, he discovered that the house was in terrible condition.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

Not only did the occupants leave broken cabinet doors in the home, they appeared to have kept a cat in the unit and the resulting odor would not dissipate, Xu claimed.

To make matters worse, there were scratches on the couch and chairs, as well as cat urine stains on the floor and stove, among other places.

“I have already contacted two renovation companies and the estimates from both companies are more or less the same. “Maintenance and cleaning costs alone amount to S$10,000, and this does not include the costs of purchasing new furniture.”

Source: Shin Min Daily News

Mr. Xu added that he had only lived in this unit for about half a year before renting it.

The owner said the condition of the house has discouraged potential tenants.

The owner decided to share his story so other owners could learn from his experience.

Mr. Xu shared that he has not been able to contact the tenant even after many attempts.

Although they paid a two-month deposit when they moved in, it was still not enough to cover repair and cleaning costs.

When she called a cleaning company to assess the damage, they told her the smell was difficult to remove. All they could do was try to repaint the house to see if it could mask the smell.

He revealed that he had potential tenants come to see the house, but they left without asking the price.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Shin Min Daily News.