With Bobi Wine’s NUP in Crossroads, NRM can comfortably win back Buganda vote

By George Mubiru

Kyagulanyi’s personal quest for excellence may have inadvertently fueled NUP’s vanity, creating internal tension. The “terribly high standard” alludes to the challenging expectations one places on oneself, potentially resulting in moments of self-loathing when those standards are not met. It explores the complex relationship between personal aspirations, the emotional toll they can take and the aspirations of the NUP as an institution.

The young group has no chance of resurrection. The tireless efforts to displace Hon Mpuuga have completely buried him with less chance of remaining the main opposition party (something Bobi Wine is comfortable settling for) in 2026.

The storm erupted across Buganda, angering Buganda’s staunch traditionalists and elite politicians whose mirror image is Mpuuga. BOBI Wine has created a small group within NUP that believes in kleptocracy, a self-centered virtue that cannot reflect the political, social and economic inclusion of all Ugandans.

Bobi Wine and his small group in the NUP seem to be satisfied with polluting the masses and deceiving them to exploit them, impoverish them, repress them and lie to make money. This is shown in his previous calls for the public to riot and in reckless statements of identity politics to gain sympathy. On several occasions she has attempted to cut social and economic programs extended to the wanainch of Western countries and the global economy. They worship money and the supremacy of the opposition’s power.

When more than three-thirds of the current NUP Members of Parliament remain furious at Bobi Wine’s mismanagement of the party, the majority of Ugandans have discovered that the NUP’s fundamental intention is not to remove General Museveni from power, but make money.

There are continuous accusations and counter-accusations within the party at a time of prime time, the NRM is reorganizing itself across structures to massively win the upcoming elections. For example, Abed Bwanika has repeatedly criticized the NUP general secretary for working clandestinely for NRM and has asked him to resign. He also accused senior NUP leaders of placing homosexuality on their priority agenda, something that is morally unacceptable to Ugandan customs and culture.

The infighting has been further aggravated by another persistent battle for true ownership of the party between Bobi Wine and the Kibalama group. This recently failed to secure approval of the new pro-Bobi Wine NUP constitution by the electoral commission.

Several NUP MPs have come out on several occasions to denounce their party for extortion and continuous monetary demands. They have expressed regret at having fallen into the wrong hands of the NUP leader. Others have fallen out with his party for refusing to implement dirty missions that could throw the country into turmoil, as Hanji Katerega revealed when he appeared for an interview recently.

What is the implication of the Mpuuga-Bobi Wine-Kibalama fight?

  1. The young party has split into two groups and this split has left Bobi Wine and his group unable to save it. It should be remembered that the same thing happened to Busoga, the only sub-region that Bobi Wine won outside of Buganda and currently there are two parallel groups; one led by Moses Bigirwa and another by Andrew Kaluya.
  2. The NUP has lost its only remaining stronghold: Buganda. Hon Mpuuga is seen as the top politician in greater Masaka and therefore perceives the allegations against him as a witch hunt by Bobi Wine.
  3. At stake is an imminent political party or pressure group made up of the elite politicians and majority members of the NUP in parliament. This will be the last straw on NUP’s back. Some people, especially the youth, knowing full well that NUP cannot bring about the change they want, will definitely follow the anticipated new wave.
  4. President Museveni and the NRM will regain the support of Buganda thanks to their consistency and goodwill towards the country. People would prefer to return to the NRM in search of stability. I prophesy the victory of General Museveni and the NRM in Buganda in 2026.

General Museveni is like a cliff. He cannot betray the mission he accepted from the people of Uganda as a revolutionary and freedom fighter. He stands his ground and masters the fury of the water around him and attacks victoriously.

He said on one occasion; “Everyone in NUP is my children. You will see. I am there, everywhere and working with my children. Kyagulanyi’s group, I’ll finish it. You just wait. I work underground while you’re up there shouting Hey! Hey! Hey!”

The writer, George Mubiru, is a researcher, political analyst and donkey. RCC JINJA City. Tel. 0754877595. Email: [email protected]

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