Man posts video in his room with Patapa’s wife and says: ‘I love you, wife’

In the video, the unidentified man refers to Liha as his wife, claiming a relationship that contradicts his well-known marriage to the Ghanaian musician.

The publication of the video has highlighted the couple’s relationship, raising questions about their divorce. Patapaa, known for his hit song “One Corner,” has yet to publicly respond to the video or the man’s claims.

Patapaa married Liha in January 2021 in a ceremony held in their hometown of Agona Swedru in the Central Region.

According to Liha, who lives in Germany, she met Patapaa at a concert in Belgium, where she performed her hit song ‘One Corner’. She noted that she liked the song ‘One Corner’, so she decided to attend the show in Belgium.

It all started when he had his show in Belgium. I have friends in Belgium and Germany who organize shows, so there is a friend in Belgium who invited Patapaa to perform. I like the song ‘One Corner’; maybe you saw how she danced it on my wedding day,” she said.

According to Liha, she couldn’t have a conversation with Patapaa because he didn’t talk much. “Because I asked him for the photo, I don’t think he even asked me anything, he just shook his head and I thought maybe he doesn’t know how to speak English.

Detailing how they later managed to have a relationship, Liha, who claims to be a nurse in Germany, explained that one of her friends who organizes concerts in Europe arranged for her to meet Patapaa again after inviting him to Germany for a show.

However, the couple reportedly divorced, but neither of them have confirmed the news publicly. This new video now seems to prove that things have fallen apart between Patapaa and Liha.