Homa Bay: Fear grips village as lone man buries 5-month-old baby at night without coffin

  • Villagers of Nyaburu in Gwasi, Homa Bay County, were shocked to learn that a man buried his son overnight.
  • The middle-aged man admitted that he buried his five-month-old daughter after she fell ill and died that same night.
  • The deceased baby will be exhumed on Monday, May 27 for an autopsy while authorities investigate the matter.

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Homa Bay – Residents of Nyaburu village in Gwasi were left in disbelief after discovering a shallow grave at a local farm.

Homa Bay man arrested for burying his daughter at night.
A gravedigger lowers the body of a baby into a grave (Photo for illustration). The incident occurred in Gwasi, Homa Bay. Photo: Michael Robinson Chávez.
Source: Getty Images

A middle-aged man, a father of three, had reportedly buried his five-month-old baby in the grave without a coffin, following the baby’s alleged death due to illness on the night of Thursday, May 16.

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A neighbor of the man who requested anonymity said TUKO.co.ke that when she learned that the baby was missing, she proceeded to ask only to realize that she was buried with a manila bag in the middle of the night.

“I didn’t see the girl with the other siblings as the norm. Knowing that she was sick and that the mother was not at home, I went ahead and entered the compound to ask. I was surprised when the siblings told me that she was not sick. last night and they didn’t see her too, it’s like they buried her alive,” he said.

Other neighbors who witnessed the incident were scared and informed the local authorities.

Homa Bay man admits burying daughter

According to Citizen Digital, Deputy Area Commissioner Winnie Boit, accompanied by officers from Magunga Police Station, confirmed the distressing incident during his visit to the man’s residence.

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They claimed the man, who was living alone after his wife returned to her parents’ home for treatment for epilepsy, admitted his actions.

The man has been arrested and is currently detained at the Magunga police station while authorities carry out investigations.

Meanwhile, the baby’s body will be exhumed on Monday, May 27, according to a court order, for a post-mortem examination.

The man from Mai Mahiu who carried his dead son speaks

In other news, a man who went viral after being caught carrying a dead child swept away by floods in Mai Mahiu said he only offered assistance.

The boy was among more than 50 people who perished in the area after floods swept away Kamuchiri village and several vehicles along the Narok-Mai Mahiu road in Naivasha area.

The tragic incident was caused by heavy rains that hit the area and caused a dam in Old Kijabe to overflow and flood the region.

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