Eelyn Kok is taking a break from showbiz for a new full-time job and wants to continue learning due to ‘fear of my brain slowing down,’ Entertainment News

Local actress Eelyn Kok has embarked on another full-time career.

In an interview with AsiaOne yesterday (May 20), the 45-year-old revealed that she is now a community development manager in communications at a government statutory board and is taking a break from showbiz.

“I stopped acting for a while. I’ve had to turn down several acting jobs last year since I took on a permanent role in the workforce,” she said.

Known for her roles in dramas such as The Little Nyonya (2008) and Together (2009), Eelyn began her acting career in 2001. She left Mediacorp in 2013, but continued to take on acting roles.

He last starred in the 2023 drama The Sky is Blue and recently graduated from a specialist diploma in Business and Predictive Analytics, an intensive one-year course he took that same year.

“Seeing that big data is an IT word, it sparked my interest in what kind of insights can be gained from data and how to use it to predict trends,” she shared, adding that she is interested in getting familiar with coding.

“It takes a logical mind to do analysis and it’s an interesting balance between the reflective and emotional side that acting has cultivated in me.”

She added that this learning journey has helped her in her personal growth. “It is essential for me to adapt to the changing world and environment. That is what started me on this quest in the first place.”

Eelyn, who currently holds six other professional qualifications, including teaching Chinese as a second language and a scrum master certificate, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Japanese Studies, told us that she finds learning fun.

“It helps my mind work faster. I’m afraid of my brain slowing down, so I try to learn as much as I can and when time allows. The more I learn, the more I want to keep learning. It can be highly addictive,” he admitted.

Eelyn, who is married with one son, said it can be overwhelming juggling multiple roles.

“But it’s really rewarding. We only have one life, so I want to make the most of every minute and every second,” he said.

She added that she couldn’t have done it alone: ​​”My husband is also a big learner and we are a bit competitive in that sense.

“We are competing to see who gets the most certificates. Currently he is winning, but precisely because we have the same learning mentality, we can understand each other and take care of our child when the other is busy.”

We may not see her on screens for a while, but Eelyn said she will be creating video content for her social media account soon.


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