Museveni tours multi-million dollar coffee center in Ntungamo

President Museveni has tasked coffee farmers with adding value to fight poverty.

Museveni, who visited the Inspire Africa Group industrial center in Ntungamo district on Tuesday, said some people are against government support for the latter Nelson Tugume-owned organisation, but he insisted on supporting them to add value to coffee.

He said Tugume, CEO of Inspire Africa, is helping Africa realize the importance of value addition and stopping the exploitation of coffee farmers.

“The global value of the coffee business is 460 billion dollars. Of the $460 billion, the coffee producing countries of the world in Africa, Asia and Latin America, all together… and Africa takes only $2.5 billion,” Museveni said.

He said it is surprising that a country like Germany, which is not known for growing coffee, makes $65 billion from coffee.

“Germany, a non-coffee producing country, makes more money from coffee than all the countries in the world. This is a hemorrhage of value because a very good type of coffee sells for $2.5 per kilo,” Museveni said.

He added: “I can get $2.5 per kilo, but with some processing. But not only do you get less money, you also lose out on other support services because those jobs are done by other people; roasting, grinding, packaging… transportation.”

Museveni said the government is now focusing on adding value to coffee.

“We have taken care of milk and now we take care of coffee. We are going to deal with bananas and also minerals, we are going to deal with all sectors within Uganda, but…Uganda will act as an example for the rest of Africa,” she said.

Museveni added: “Across Africa, our total GDP is now $3.5 trillion. The United States is like $20 trillion. Africa should have a total of $50 trillion, not $3.5 trillion.”