Bakers Inn to open second floor in Byo

BAKERS Inn, a division of Innscor Africa listed on the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange, will open a second plant at its Belmont factory in Bulawayo as part of its expansion plans.

Last week, the company commissioned a $27.8 million bread factory with the capacity to produce 8,000 loaves per hour.

Innscor president Addington Chinake said the company wanted to ensure it captured the market in Matabeleland, Bulawayo and Midlands provinces.

“The plant provides more than a quarter of the company’s bread supply and has brought greater efficiency to Baker’s Inn, with lower waste and fuel costs. This is a significant step forward for Baker’s Inn.

“With the Bulawayo plant up and running, the company is one step closer to achieving its goal of providing the freshest and tastiest bread to every corner of the country,” Chinake said.

Zimbabwe’s national bread demand currently stands at 950,000 loaves a day.

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Over the last two financial years, Innscor has invested $125 million in its divisions. Much of this investment has recently been launched or is in the final stages of implementation.

The group said efforts also continue to be aimed at ensuring new investments achieve targeted returns.

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