Kiwi woman dies in Rarotonga after incident in water at popular tourist spot

Avaavaroa Passage where the 50-year-old New Zealander died.

Avaavaroa Passage (archive image)
Photo: Cook Islands News

A 49-year-old New Zealand woman died in the Cook Islands while on holiday in an incident that occurred in the water.

A Cook Islands police spokesperson said police received an emergency call shortly after 3pm local Cook Islands time on Tuesday (Wednesday New Zealand time).

The spokesperson said the women responded to the scene at Avaavaroa Passage, which is a popular tourist attraction for swimming with turtles, but were pronounced dead at hospital.

In December, a 50-year-old New Zealander died in Avaavaroa Passage, known for drownings in the Cook Islands.

The spokesperson told RNZ Pacific that police are still investigating further details, including whether the woman was part of a turtle tour when the incident occurred.

They said police are giving space to the family who are in their accommodation in Rarotonga.