“Indigent” ZIMRA workers declare themselves disabled

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) workers have declared themselves incapacitated, saying they can no longer cover basic needs such as accommodation, transport, food and school fees due to low wages.

In an urgent letter seen by Píndula NewsThe Zimbabwe Income and Allied Workers Union (ZIMRATU), which represents workers, said the erosion of the value of its members’ wages has left them almost destitute.

In a letter to the Commissioner-General of ZIMRA, ZIMRATU President Dominic Manyangadze said their housing subsidies were set at US$75, payable in local currency at the prevailing interbank rate, while landlords demanded rents in US dollars. . The letter says in part:

Now we are unable to meet basic human needs such as housing, transportation, food and education, among others. It is disheartening that a ZIMRA worker’s salary can no longer afford to buy basic foodstuffs due to inflationary pressures and the continued dollarization of the economy.

Manyangadze said ZIMRA workers are performing well in difficult conditions, but their efforts are not recognized. He said:

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ZIMRA workers have continued to achieve exceptional results even in very difficult working and economic conditions, but now they have to supplement their income with side jobs.

Manyangadze said the salaries of ZIMRA workers were last reviewed in the first half of 2023 and as a result, they are now disabled.

He said that ZIMRATU members will not be able to fully dedicate themselves to the daily business of the association that allows them to supplement their income to cover transportation, rent and school fees that are required in foreign currency.


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