Facial reconstruction in mystery bushland remains case

Police hope a facial reconstruction can help identify mystery bushland remains that don’t match any DNA records Australia-wide.

The remains, belonging to a man, were discovered in July 2023 by a farmer clearing bushland halfway between Clifton Beach and Goats Beach in southeast Tasmania.

A pair of black dress shoes with orthotics, a short-sleeve top, a plastic bag containing two keys on a chain, a cigarette lighter and unreadable identification papers were also found.

Forensic examinations located an old campsite nearby which could be related to the find.

A pair of dress shoes with orthotics were among a number of items found with the mystery remains. (HANDOUT/TASMANIA POLICE)

Tasmania Police on Wednesday released a craniofacial reconstruction of the man’s potential appearance based on recovered DNA.

It is estimated the remains were in the area for between five and 50 years.

“A lengthy forensic analysis has been completed which determined the remains belong to a Caucasian male,” Tasmania Police Sergeant Lee Taylor said.

“If anyone can assist police to identify this man, I ask them to come forward.”

Police say the remains, which showed no signs of physical injury, don’t match any DNA comparisons in Tasmania or nationally.

Investigators made an initial call for public help in September.