Aussie group’s $13k Powerball ploy ahead of $150 million draw

One Powerball syndicate has bought over $13,000 worth of lottery tickets ahead of the $150 million drawn this Thursday as Aussies desperately try to put themselves in the best position to win big.

A news agency at Ascot in northeast Brisbane has proudly displayed the 40-person syndicate and their efforts, with each player contributing $336.90 to be part of the group who are pulling out all the stops to claim a division one winning entry. A shopper spotted the lottery ticket display, which was so long it was draped behind the newsagency counter, and was stunned by the efforts.

“I’ll just have 500 Powerhits and a copy of The Courier Mail, please,” the shopper joked online.

The Lott confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that newsagents display local syndicates and their efforts before lottery draws like this to encourage others to play along.

The Lott’s Anna Hobdell said up to half of all Aussie adults are expected to enter into the Powerball draw this week and if one individual claims the total jackpot they will be the biggest individual lottery winner in the country.

“An inner-Sydney mum in her 40s currently holds the title for the biggest individual lottery winner in Australia after scoring a phenomenal $107 million in 2019,” Hobdell said.

The Lott has revealed what Aussie winners spend their division one winning entries on. Source: The Lott

The Lott have revealed what Aussie winners tend to spend their money on, with 52 per cent investing money for the future, 40 per cent helping loved ones and 26 per cent paying off a mortgage or buying a new home.

“Of course, everyone has their own unique dreams and Aussie division one winners have shared the varied ways they used their prize to enjoy life to the full, help others or just simply relish buying those things that were previously out of reach,” she said .

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