The opening ceremony of the newly built Central Cadre Training School of the WPK was celebrated with splendor. Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Delivers Important Speech and Cuts Inauguration Ribbon

Addis Ababa, May 22, 2024 (Addis Walta) Initiated directly and wisely guided by the Central Committee of the great Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), the WPK Central Cadre Training School, the highest cadre training institute of the Party, was built as a symbol in the traditional area of ​​Kumsusan. . of the absolute prestige of our Party and the invincibility of our cause to greet the day of the inauguration.

The respected comrade Kim Jong Un He developed a far-reaching plan to renovate the “pedigree farm” to train the Party’s backbone about its future for the next 100 years, as changing times demand, and personally chose the school’s construction site. And he provided vigorous guidance to ensure that its design comprehensively reflects the appearance and quality of a research center that supports the Party’s organizational and ideological strengthening work and its leadership activities in an educational, practical and academic manner.

Thanks to the vigorous efforts of the builders who maintained it with incomparable fighting strength and creative capacity. Kim Jong UnThe noble intention of adding glory to the cause of building the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party by turning the political institution, which has made a great contribution to the long and glorious history of the Party’s construction and struggle, into the best educational foundation in the world In both name and reality, the school was successfully completed as a model of the Juche-oriented architecture and education sector in just over a year after its start.

The school, with a total area of ​​more than 133,000 square meters, built in an ideal location due to its political character as a “pedigree farm” for the training of the WPK’s backbone and educational environment, has an administrative section, a cultural and sports section. , housing section and others built in a modern and practical manner to suit its mission, function and purpose, equipped with an advanced educational system and high-level educational conditions and environment.

On May 21, the opening ceremony of the Central Cadre Training School of the WPK took place with great splendor.

Kim Jong UnThe opening ceremony was attended by the general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of State Affairs of the DPRK.

The national anthem of the DPRK was played.

The respected comrade Kim Jong Un gave an important speech “To form cadres of the Party of the new era faithful to the ideal and spirit of its foundation” in commemoration of the opening ceremony.

Kim Jong Un In his speech, he expressed his excitement to welcome the moment of having the WPK Central Cadre Training School, which has a glorious history and tradition, engraved in history with its new appearance befitting its position and weight. He also expressed his satisfaction that with the successful completion of the work painstakingly prepared for years to bring eternal glory and honor to the Workers’ Party of Korea, the best school in the world has acquired its majestic appearance of a “pedigree farm.” to Form the backbone of the Party and the research center that ideologically and theoretically supports the construction and activities of the Party.

He said that the most urgent and important task at the current stage, for the long-term development of Party construction and the implementation of the Party’s struggle program, is to thoroughly establish and strengthen the Party spirit, the revolutionary spirit and the popular orientation. the spirit among the paintings as the three essential qualities. Starting from the realistic demands of the Party, now at the crucial point of its qualitative consolidation, he raised the slogan “Let us usher in a great apogee of Party building in the new era by carrying forward the ideal and spirit of its founding! “ and set as the main revolutionary task of the cadres to equip themselves with the ideals, faith and spirit of the first generation of revolutionaries who achieved the cause of founding the Party.

A letter of commitment to Kim Jong Un and the WPK of the school teaching staff was read.

Kim Jong Un Cut the inauguration ribbon.

The ceremony ended with the performance of the song “La Internacional”.

Kim Jong Un He took a look at the revolutionary museum.

A performance was held to mark the inauguration of the school.

When the performance ended, fireworks were launched and excited cheers broke out again.

The opening of the school will be recorded in history as a new dynamic step of progress for the eternal prosperity of the WPK and as the new birth of a powerful strategic fortress that reliably guarantees the brilliant succession and victory of the noble idea and sacred cause of the founding of the Party. -0-