Minister Amongi in Doha on the safety of migrant workers


DOHA – Minister of Gender and Labor Betty Amongi arrived in Doha, Qatar on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, with Ugandan recruitment companies to discuss safe outsourcing of workers.

Amongi, according to a statement from the ministry, led a delegation of more than 40 companies that met with recruitment companies in Qatar to discuss mechanisms for safely outsourcing Ugandan workers.

The team also hopes to ensure that companies in both countries agree on a framework to protect the rights of migrant workers.

The companies are expected to discuss partnership agreements with their counterparts in Qatar, which they will share with Ugandan-licensed companies in Uganda upon their return.

meeting of labor ministers

Amongi is also expected to participate in a ministerial meeting of labor ministers from Africa, the GCC countries, Jordan and Lebanon.

The meeting has been convened under the auspices of the African Union, where Amongi is the chairman of the STC committee on labor and social development; and the GCC countries plus Jordan and Lebanon.