Resident Playbook starring Go Youn Jung scheduled for release in late 2024; Filming is expected to wrap on May 31.

Resident Playbook is an upcoming medical K-drama starring Go Youn Jung in the lead role. The show’s plot follows the lives of several doctors as they try to balance their work and personal issues. Production of the show was halted a few days ago but has reportedly resumed again.

Resident Playbook is ready to resume production and complete the filming process.

On May 21, 2024, a South Korean media outlet reported that Resident Playbook will resume production. Furthermore, it has been revealed that filming for the show will be completed on May 31, 2024. The production team is currently in talks to air the show by the end of 2024. Previously, the show has experienced multiple delays due to script revisions. and internal challenges, among other reasons. However, one of the main factors contributing to the delay is the consequences of the expansion of the quota for medical schools in South Korea.

The conflict between doctors and the government has sparked multiple protests throughout the country. Due to unrest between medical professionals and the government, the production team decided to delay the release of the K-drama. Many residents have collectively resigned from their positions in protest following the government’s decision to increase admissions to medical schools by the year 2000. Doctors and residents urged to stop the expansion and improve working conditions in hospitals.


More about the resident handbook

Resident Playbook is the spin-off of the popular medical drama Hospital Playlist starring Jo Jung Suk and Shin Hyun Been. The show will show a realistic representation of the lives of doctors and patients inside a hospital. Additionally, the plot will also explore the ever-evolving relationships between co-workers as they develop friendships and romantic relationships. In addition to Go Youn Jung, the cast includes Shin Shi Ah, Kang Yoo Seok, Jung Joon Won, Han Ye Ji, Lee Bong Ryun, Lee Chang Hoon, Seo Yi Seo, and more.

The show is directed by Lee Min Soo and written by Lee Min Soo. Shin Won Ho and Lee Woo Jung are the original creators of the franchise. Furthermore, the program is developed by CJ ENM Studios. The episodes will be broadcast on the South Korean network tvN.

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