Rudy Giuliani forgot to turn off his microphone while going to the bathroom

Jury Orders Rudy Giuliani to Pay $148 Million to Two Former Georgia Poll Workers in Defamation Trial Verdict

Photo: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Despite his time at a cybersecurity consulting company, Rudy Giuliani has never been that good at taking care of his own cybersecurity: He has been known to call journalists and leave their phones in cars. But on Tuesday, the 79-year-old may have had his most embarrassing tech moment yet. While being prosecuted (via video link) for allegedly plotting to overturn the election results in Arizona, Giuliani committed the early pandemic faux pas of going to the bathroom unmuted.

For those of you who understandably choose not to watch this video, Giuliani closes the call just before you can hear a splash of liquid hitting the water.

“That’s me?” Giuliani asks. The host of the call responds affirmatively.

There are plenty of jokes to be made here about livestreams, but we’ll avoid them for now due to Giuliani’s sorry state. In addition to being extremely broke, he faces charges of making false statements and soliciting false testimony in Georgia as part of his alleged role in helping the Trump campaign overturn the election results there. As he left her birthday party in Florida on Friday night, he was indicted for his alleged role in the Arizona election plot, and faces charges of conspiracy, fraud and forgery in the state. (He has pleaded not guilty in all cases.) Perhaps, however, Giuliani will get some funds to pay his own lawyers with his latest venture: selling coffee through surreal, QVC-style ads.