Former Karibib CEO says God will take her to the House of Representatives – News

Former Karibib City Council Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lydia Kandetu says she is prepared to take on the current political heavyweights to fight for the presidential seat in the upcoming November elections.

Speaking to Desert Radio on Wednesday, Kandetu said she is confident because God has prepared her.

“I ask God and he has prepared me. The season is changing and this is my moment.”

Kandetu said he has been touring the country for the past 12 years speaking to young Namibians about the concept of self-sustainability.
“I have had the privilege of visiting 37 towns in 14 regions to sell the vision of sustainability. As a country, we can move towards self-reliance and build the country ourselves,” he added.

Kandetu was fired as Karbib’s chief executive in 2012 for taking a leave of absence without council approval. A reason she vehemently disagrees with.

On Tuesday, it announced on its social media platforms that it would launch its Innovation Movement on an undisclosed date.

He joins Ally Angula, Rosa Namises and Jeremiah Kaambo, who have declared their interest in running as independent candidates.

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