A man victim of a former controller speaks out after losing four kilos of weight, being isolated from his family and being on the brink of suicide.

A male victim who suffered at the hands of his controlling ex-girlfriend has spoken of the terror she inflicted on him for more than six months. Nursing student Sarah Rigby, 41, bullied, belittled and harassed her ex-partner, Gareth Jones, to the point where he lost four stone in weight, was isolated from friends and family and was on the brink of suicide.

Such was their control over him that they forced him to eat salad, wear a hat when in public and swallow toothpaste. Rigby, from Winsford, also threatened to have sex with other people if she couldn’t get pregnant, telling her: “I need to get pregnant this month. If I don’t I’ll leave you.”

Mr. Jones would be “searched” before leaving the house, would have to hand over his wages, and would be forced to hand over his cell phone for Rigby to check when asked. He said he resorted to giving his own mother a ‘coercion code’ to tell her when it was safe for them to talk without Rigby listening.

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When Rigby’s children were the subject of family court proceedings involving her ex-partner, she made Mr Jones pay a £3,000 expert report and submit a false witness statement supporting her claim for custody. During a foul-mouthed tirade, Rigby told him, “I may not control social services, but I can control you and I love it.”

She also called him “fat”, “lazy”, “sweaty”, “whale”, “dumb”, “thick”, “stinky” and “dog” during other tantrums, Chester Crown Court heard.

During his sentencing hearing earlier this week, Mr Jones bravely told the court how he came close to suicide due to Rigby’s treatment of him. He pleaded guilty to controlling behavior and was given a suspended prison sentence.

NHS project manager Mr Jones told of cases after he moved in with Rigby and was kicked out of his home in Winsford, Cheshire while wearing only underwear, denied a key to his own door and not would allow him to be alone on the property whenever he went. She’s out.