Principal accused of embezzlement of school funds – News

Teachers of a combined school in Eenhana circuit have expressed concern over missing school funds and unaccounted payments.

The teachers say that after several attempts to get answers, they decided to take the matter to the relevant authorities.

“I asked the principal and other people at the school about the matter several times, but I never got clear answers, only answers to ignore me,” says a teacher who prefers to remain anonymous.

According to a letter dated April 17, 2024 from the anonymous teacher addressed to the Directorate of Education, Eenhana Circuit, the school board chairman approached the teachers about suspicious transactions carried out by the school principal.

Suspicions arose when payments in the amount of N$43,000 were made for apparent machine maintenance deemed urgent during the holidays.

The letter further says that the school principal made deposits of N$1,220 and N$10,000 into the school’s account on September 28 and 29 respectively.

This was questioned as there was no reason for the deposits.

The school reportedly received an amount close to N$304,665 in 2023, and in total spent close to N$252,635.

This means that by the end of 2023 there should be around N$50,000 left in the school’s bank account.

“To my surprise, what is reflected in the school’s bank account, according to the bank statement of December 6, 2023, is only N$4,680.89, while in the school’s report for the utilization of the school subsidy for the year 2023, the remaining balance is 54,570 Namibian dollars,” says the anonymous source.

The teacher suspected misuse of school finances by the school principal, the letter states.

The Namibian contacted the school principal, who denied all accusations.

“I am aware of the accusations, but I can confirm that they are not true,” says the director.

When asked why the balance indicated on the financial report is different from that on the bank statement, the director said it was an oversight. According to Eenhana Circuit Education Director Isak Hamatwi, his office is aware of the allegations and investigations into the matter are currently underway.

“We sent accountants to the school and are currently waiting for a report,” he says.

Anti-Corruption Commission spokesperson Josephine Nghituwamata says they received the complaint about the school in April.

“The matter is still in the preliminary investigation process,” he says.

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