How thugs stole medals and trophy from PLU football tournament in Kabale

By Moisés Agaba

The medals and trophy of the Ndorwa West Uganda MK Patriotic League (PLU) football tournament were stolen by unknown thugs armed with machetes and sticks in Kabale district.

The tournament, which concluded on Sunday at the Kamuganguzi Playground of St. Janan Luwum ​​Memorial School in Ndorwa West County of Kabale District, ended with participants leaving without their medals.

In the final match, the Kibuuga Sub-County Football Team defeated the Kahungye Sub-County Football Team with a score of 1-0.

Simon Agaba, main sponsor of the tournament, says the medals were stolen from a packed vehicle carrying the trophy, medals and PLU shirts, where unknown thugs attacked those with them armed with machetes and sticks and managed to seize the medals and the trophy.

Eight teams from Ndorwa West competed in the tournament. Despite the theft, the winners received 1 million ugx and the runners-up received five hundred thousand shillings.

Agaba has shown concern over politicians sabotaging developments aimed at identifying talents among the youth, saying they struggled to have a successful MK Tournament from day one to Sunday, May 26, 2023 and wondered why people hesitated to mention by name were hired to sabotage an event.

“It is very unfortunate that an individual can hire someone to enter another person’s peace and destroy it. This feature is good for our young people, why don’t you allow them to show their talents? You never know that this could be your only chance to advance. Stop interfering with them,” Agaba said.

Nelson Nshangabasheija, Kabale district president and Uganda Patriotic League (PLU) coordinator in Kigezi region, also condemned those who have been fighting the tournament since day one.

He commended Simon Agaba for putting together such an event that not only brings people together but also helps identify and develop talents for many future benefits.

Evarest Asiimwe, PLU National Sports Coordinator, stated that the PLU Sports Club aims to develop talents from the grassroots. He condemned the theft of the medals, attributing it to political motives

Mutesasira Ian of COBAP Boxing Club also said that the thugs dressed up as supporters of General Mk and Tournament approached the car before grabbing the medals.