Senator proposes amendment to ban miraa and muguka in Kenya

A senator has proposed amending the law to ban the sale, supply and consumption of miraa and muguka in the country.

Nominated senator Miraj Abdillahi wants to amend the Crops Act 2013 to ban the two cash crops.

Miraa and muguka are currently classified as scheduled crops

Miraa and mugukaa are currently classified as scheduled crops, within crops without a breeding program.

To successfully schedule a crop, a grower has to decide the week of the year it will be marketed and then work backwards to determine the seed sowing or sowing date (depending on the crop).

In a press conference on Tuesday, Miraj denounced the impact of stimulants on the young population.

The stimulant, he noted, is easily accessible to school-age children, hence the need for strict regulations.

“I will propose an amendment to ban miraa along with muguka,” Miraj said.

The lawmaker also blamed Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir for acting outside the law when he issued an Executive Order banning the entry of stimulants into the county.

He noted that the governor’s action was a violation of the law as both miraa and muguka are still classified as scheduled crops.

“That was a clear breach of the law, as it is now they are scheduled crops,” he stated.

“Even if you proceed and arrest those transporting muguka, what will you charge them with? Under what law?

Nassir had last week issued an Executive Order banning the sale of muguka in the county.

“We have tried to draw up regulations so that users and the community in general can coexist, but they have refused and for this reason I consulted legally and found that my decree was in order,” said Nassir.

“I have signed an executive order to ban the entry of muguka into Mombasa and ban the sale and consumption of mugoka in Mombasa.”

Nassir further ordered that all outlets, retailers or wholesalers selling or distributing the products, be immediately closed.

“County departments are mandated to enforce this order without exception,” he said, adding that he had made the decision in consultation with the National Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign Authority (Nacada).

On Monday, President William Ruto directed the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to convene a meeting with stakeholders and address concerns raised over the sale and use of muguka.

The resolution was made when the President met with the leaders of Embu County, led by Governor Cecil Mbarire, his deputy, the senator, the representative and members of the national and county assembly of the county.

During the meeting, Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi informed the President that muguka is a scheduled crop under the Crops Act, 2013 and Miraa Regulations, 2013.

He said the two laws were passed by the National Assembly and the Senate with the consent of the Council of Governors.