NewJeans MV Director Exposes Min Hee Jin’s True Character in Leaked Private Messages

“Is she who she really is?…”

NewJeans‘The music video director posted text messages between her and Min Hee Jin.

Min Hee Jin | naver

On May 22, Dee Shin uploaded a private conversation between her and WORSHIPERMin Hee Jin’s CEO.

In the message, Min Hee Jin first uploads an article criticizing successful K-Drama writer Noo Hee Kyung for the outdated representation of women in Our blues. Min Hee Jin asks Dee Shin’s team to deviate from such performances for NewJeans.


Guys, this is the world we live in. A world where even Noh Hee Kyung is criticized for being outdated. So he be careful when drafting stories and editing them in publication. Review these key words for consistency throughout the video: love yourself, have your own sensitivities, independent minds, a healthy network, and have the courage to never blame yourself despite your struggles. (You guys should check it out since you’re the ones editing/filming it, although I think our narratives are already like that). I’m just emphasizing it. OK?

—Min Hee Jin

The message clearly shows how aware Min Hee Jin is of the woman she wants NewJeans to represent, one who is brave, strong, and independent.

Netizens reacted to the message with overwhelming praise. Many appreciated Min Hee Jin’s sentiment and expressed that she was worthy of the title of K-Pop’s most progressive innovator.

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  • “She’s so cool.”
  • “I love the fact that she thought of this and then shared it with her team.”
  • “She’s really cool.”
  • “I wish my manager would tell us things like this. I’m actually part of a team that creates outdated content that results in outdated products, lol.”
  • “Is she who she really is?…She’s even cooler than I thought.”
  • “Seeing this, I can see how HYBE maliciously edited his messages until now.”
  • “I want to work with her. “I think I would learn a lot from her.”
  • “Wow, she’s great at picking out current trends.”
  • “She’s so cool.”
  • “I think she is very good at her job. “She knows what’s hot now.”
  • “She is the industry leader for a reason. She is sensitive to trends.”

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