Watch: Spectacular water cyclone shakes ships in Cork harbor during extreme weather

Much of Cork and Munster have been hit by some pretty extreme weather conditions over the past 24 hours, causing mini-tornadoes and spectacular waterspouts that were caught on camera.

There were several reports of funnel clouds hitting exposed areas, including near Cork Airport, during storms that had most of the country on Yellow Alert. The tornado-like winds may have seemed dramatic, but they did not pose any significant danger.

And on the road between Carrigaline and Crosshaven, at the famous mooring site known as Drake’s Pool, a very dramatic, fast-moving waterspout rocked boats and was caught on camera by several people, including a sailor on board a ship who shared it with the popular Carlow Weather Twitter account.

The waterspout was seen by several people passing by on the road and caught on camera by a local woman, Michelle Cahill, who shared it on the Crosshaven notice board Facebook group.

This waterspout may have seemed dramatic, but it is understood that it did not cause significant damage to any of the ships in its path.

Heavy thunder and heavy downpours occurred in most parts of Munster in the early afternoon, but there were no reports of major flooding. Today’s weather will be a little unsettled but not too dramatic.

Waterspout at Drakes Pool