The Eaglets defeat the Starlets and qualify for the AFCON U17

Nigeria finished third to claim the bronze medal and book a place at next year’s U17 Africa Cup of Nations after a hard-fought 3-2 loss to hosts Ghana in the WAFU B U17 Championship on Tuesday.

For several days, there had been opacity around the number of teams that would advance to the 2025 U17 Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Ghana, but the window opened for the third place winner here when, minutes before the start, Ivory Coast (already in the final), was designated host of next year’s continental finals.

With Ivory Coast as host and with a guaranteed place, Burkina Faso (regardless of the result of the final) and the third place winner in the previous match, had their places in Abidjan assured.

Motivated by criticism from NFF General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi, the Eaglets entered the match with a determined mindset and quickly took the lead in the ninth minute. Imrana Muhammad scored the first goal, taking advantage of a chaotic scramble in goal.

Home support in University of Accra The stadium motivated the Black Starlets into action, and they tied it up 10 minutes later when a Nigerian defender scored an own goal.

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Three-time world champions Ghana took the lead for the first time in the match in the 27th minute, when Harve Gbafa took advantage of a defensive error to beat goalkeeper Dominic Chinedu into the goal. Nigeria.

Six minutes later, Abdulmuiz Adeleke, who scored a brace in the Eaglets’ 3-0 defeat of Togo in the final group game, rattled Starlets goalkeeper Michael Armah but the ball was cleared wide. the dangerous.

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The Eaglets were relentless and four minutes before the break, Adeleke increased his tournament tally to three when he scored the equalizer following a John Ogwuche pullback.

Both teams began the second half, which ended at half-time, with delicious attacking football. Ogwuche’s rebound failed in the 79th minute.

In the second minute of added time, and with both teams appearing to be thinking about the inevitable penalty shoot-out, Adeleke took matters into his own hands and scored the winning goal as Nigeria secured a place in next year’s continental final. .

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