Rishi Sunak reveals he has spoken to Boris Johnson to discuss Starmer

The Prime Minister also discussed his personal politics in the interview, including his place on the spectrum of conservative ideology.

He said he finds it “hugely disconcerting” when some critics claim he is a “wet” Tory – the dismissive phrase Margaret Thatcher used for her liberal Tory colleagues.

Sunak said: “One of my proudest moments in this job was having Nigel Lawson endorse him in his newspaper when I ran to be leader of our party. Nigel Lawson is one of the titans of Conservative politics, especially as chancellor. I have always been a huge fan of his.

“I think my approach to the economy is clearly Thatcherite: first control inflation, control debt and then cut taxes. That’s what he did and she did. “That’s what I said I would do and that’s what we are now delivering.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sunak spoke about his desire to reduce net migration, which recently peaked at more than 700,000 despite the Conservatives promising to reduce it to less than 100,000 when they won office in 2010.