Jung Joon Young seeks to return to the music industry as a producer

It has been confirmed that Jung Joon-young, who served a prison sentence on gang rape charges, is taking steps to resume his music career.

According to an exclusive report from Xports News on the 22nd, Jung Joon-young has He recently met with music industry professionals, expressing his desire to continue his music career as a producer. and hinting at a possible return to

entertainment industry.

Sources reveal that Jung, aware of the negative public perception following the release, is planning a new start as a music producer instead of a singer. Unable to let go of his passion for music, Jung approached industry contacts to propose collaboration on musical projects. Interest in Jung’s post-release activities has increased recently, especially after the BBC documentary on the 2019 Burning Sun scandal. Amid several rumors, including plans to move abroad, Jung’s discreet moves to return entering the music scene are attracting a lot of attention.

In January and March 2016, Jung Joon-young, together with his ex burning sun Doctor Kim, office worker Kwon, and former entertainment agency employee Heo gang-raped women and illegally filmed the proceedings. Jung was sentenced to five years in prison for spreading the images in a chat room involving other celebrities, including Seungri, and was released in March this year.

Jung, who was at the center of a gruesome sex crime, had effectively been banned from the entertainment industry.