Prosecutor convicted of trying to accept bribe from Rushwaya

A prosecutor is facing sentencing after being arrested for demanding a bribe in the Henrietta Rushwaya gold smuggling case last year.

Harare Magistrates Court prosecutor Pardon Dziva, along with co-accused Alex Tombe, have been found guilty of fraud by the Harare High Court. The verdict was issued today, marking a significant development in the corruption case linked to Henrietta Rushwaya.

According to the State’s account, on November 15, 2023, Dziva requested a bribe of US$20,000 from Wellington Takavarasha. The aim of this bribe was to secure a more lenient sentence for Henrietta Rushwaya, who had been convicted of smuggling by a Harare High Court judge.

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Events leading to arrest

Prosecutor in bribery scandal
Prosecutor arrested for demanding bribe from Henrietta Rushwaya-Image Source@Shutterstock

Wellington Takavarasha, upon receiving this demand, informed Henrietta Rushwaya’s sister, Helliate Rushwaya, about the situation. Helliate quickly reported the incident to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) anti-corruption unit, who then devised a plan to arrest the suspects.

In cooperation with authorities, Helliate Rushwaya arranged a meeting with the accused at the CABS Centre. During this meeting, Alex Tombe approached her and told her that Dziva had sent him to collect the money from her. However, Helliate refused to hand over the funds and insisted on dealing directly with Dziva.

The parties then moved to the Kebab restaurant in Milton Park, where Helliate and Dziva eventually met. In the parking lot, Helliate handed the marked cheat money to Dziva. This exchange led to the immediate arrest of Dziva and Tombe by anti-corruption officers.

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Next procedures

Following their conviction, both Dziva and Tombe are scheduled to appear in court for a pre-sentence hearing on June 4. This hearing will determine the sanctions they will face for their participation in the bribery scheme.

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