The Church speaks about the Catholic priest who supposedly married his lover

The Catholic Diocese of Abakakili in Ebony State has spoken about the news that his priest recently married his lover in the state.

The report

There was a report on social media suggesting that a Catholic priest, Jude Obasi, allegedly married his lover on May 25 in Abakakili, the state capital.

The wedding, according to the report, took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Abakakili.

The priest reportedly hails from Afikpo North Local Government Area of ​​the state.

The report was accompanied by a photograph showing the priest and his alleged lover dressed as a wedding.

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The clergyman, wearing his full priestly attire, was seen holding the bride’s hand in a venue full of guests under a set of canopies.

He and the unidentified girlfriend were all smiles in the photo.

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The report has since sparked various reactions with many applauding the cleric for making a bold decision against the principles of the church.

Catholic priests voluntarily submit to an oath of celibacy that prohibits them from having sexual relations or marrying.

The Catholic Church speaks

But in a statement on Monday, diocesan chancellor Matthew Opoke refuted the report.

Adoke AD

Opoke, a Catholic priest, said no priest bears that name within the diocese and that the person in the trending photo “does not resemble the face of any priest” in the diocese.

The chancellor said there is no priest of that name either in the diocese or Afikpo North local government area of ​​the state.

He further said that the diocese does not have any place called St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Abakakili and that no similar event took place in the area during the period.

“Needless to say, the post… is false,” Mr Opoke said.

“It was possibly fermented by a blogger who wants to gain a lot of traffic on his social networks,” he added.

what we found

Some residents of Afikpo North Local Government Area who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES repeated what the diocese said earlier that no priest or church has names mentioned in the report.

“None of that happened here,” said one of the residents, who asked not to be identified.

The resident, who is also a journalist, added that he had been receiving calls from people outside Nigeria inquiring about the incident.

An independent investigation by PREMIUM TIMES found the report to be false and a case of misinformation.

The photograph accompanying the report appeared for the first time in news blog in October 2023.

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The photograph is that of a Kenyan Catholic priest, Edwin Gathang’i Waiguru, who married his long-time friend, Margaret Wanjira Githui.

Kenya is a country in East Africa.

Waiguru, according to Kenyan media, had defected and joined a Roman Catholic splinter group known as the Charismatic Catholic Church.

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