Azure AI Studio is generally available with GPT-4o and Phi-3-vision

Azure AI Studio is now generally available. Companies can use the tool to develop and refine AI models and applications based on these models.

All companies can start using Azure AI Studio now. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announced general availability during Build 2024. During this event, developers will receive updates on the latest Microsoft developments that are of interest to them. Azure AI Studio is one of those developments. That is, it is a tool to build, train and perfect AI.

“With Azure AI Studio, we offer an end-to-end tool to develop and secure the co-pilot applications you create,” Nadella described. The tool has already received improvements during the preview phase to better address AI vulnerabilities, including Prompt Shields, inaccuracies, and jailbreaking.

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1,600 models available

In the now widely available tool, GPT-4o was added. This is the recently launched AI model by OpenAI, which has a close partnership with Microsoft. The tool features a total of more than 1,600 AI models. In addition to OpenAI models, the catalog also includes models from Meta, Mistral and Microsoft.

Another new model included in the tool is Phi-3-vision. In this model, Microsoft aims to merge the capabilities of language and images. It is at the same time the first multimodal model of the Phi family and consists of 4.2 billion parameters. The Phi family is known for its small number of parameters compared to other LLMs from well-known developers.