Socialite Pattricia Jack arrested for cyberbullying

In a shocking turn of events, Pattricia Jack, a prominent figure in Zimbabwe, was arrested late at night on allegations of cyberbullying. This incident has left many locals in shock.

Law enforcement officers, accompanied by private investigator Tafadzwa Chidawa, arrived at Patricia Jack’s residence under the cover of night to make the arrest. Jack, who live-streamed her entire experience on Facebook, told how the police called her intercom but she refused to open the door.

When Jack did not respond, the officers allegedly scaled his durawall to gain access to his property. Captured on her livestream, the officers identified themselves but were unable to produce valid identification documents or an arrest warrant when she requested them.

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Confrontation and arrest

During the live broadcast, the officers threatened to break down the door, to which Jack responded defiantly. After a heated exchange, Jack finally opened the door and the officers arrested her, expressing frustration at the delay.

Fight with former friend Mai Tt

The arrest follows a series of public disputes between Pattricia Jack and another socialite, Mai Tt. The two, who were once close friends, have now become adversaries, frequently airing their grievances and revealing each other’s secrets on social media platforms.

Before his arrest, Jack posted on Facebook, accusing Mai Tt ​​of defrauding her alleged lover of $30,000. He claimed that Mai Tt ​​had promised lucrative deals to her lover but failed to deliver, leading to consequences.

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Mai Tt, in turn, accused Pattricia Jack of leaking photos of her daughter. Additionally, Jack mentioned that Mai Tt ​​had also accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with her father. These personal attacks have only fueled the animosity between the two former friends.

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