Hornchurch: Woman killed by XL registered bully dogs named

Screenshot, Armed officers confiscated two XL bully dogs in the house

A woman who died after being attacked by two XL registered bully dogs at a house in east London has been named locally as Angeline Mahal.

Armed police went to the home of the woman, aged in her 50s, in Cornwall Close, Hornchurch, on Monday afternoon but she died at the scene.

His family has the support of officers, says the Metropolitan Police.

It is believed to be the first fatal attack by XL bully dogs known to have been registered under the new laws.

Investigating officers and forensic teams can be seen removing items from the property.

Neighbors have described hearing “a lot of barking” and seeing paramedics administer CPR to the victim in his front yard.

One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I came out of the house and looked to see what had happened. We hadn’t heard anything but we saw a helicopter flying overhead and a bunch of police.

“I stood on the side of the road and saw a paramedic administering CPR. That poor woman. It’s shocking.”

Screenshot, Items have been removed from the house.

Mahal’s neighbor Sejal Solanki told the BBC the death was “very, very sad”, adding: “The fact that it happened to his own dogs is terrifying.”

“We have kids and they’re playing in the field, near their house, and it really could happen to anyone.”

The area’s MP, Julia López, said the community was “shocked” by the “deeply distressing” death.

She told BBC Radio London that while it may “stir up a debate”, it was her understanding that the dogs were licensed under the new XL bully rules, so the woman was “complying with the law”.

Another woman, who also did not want to be identified, said she heard barking during the attack and had previously warned her son not to approach the XL stalking dogs.

Screenshot, XL bully dogs are now banned in England and Wales unless owners have an exemption certificate.

From February 1, it became an offense in England and Wales to own an XL Bully without an exemption certificate.

BBC journalist Jordan Davies asks experts why the ban on the XL American bully dog ​​is controversial and what impact it may have.