NSW Blues debutant Haumole Olakau’atu reveals previous support for Queensland; Instagram post, interview, NRL

One from New South WalesThe new faces were once Maroons supporters, butis pleading with fans to forgive him before next week.s Opening of the State of Origin series in Sydney.

Haumole OlakauAtu admitted to his father.His fandom, and his own lack of knowledge of rugby league growing up, saw him cheer on the Cane Toads during their era of dominance.

As one of six debutants in Michael Maguire’s squad for the opener, the 25-year-old is primed to make a big impact for the Blues, and his form at club level with the Sea Eagles makes him an obvious choice .

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However, OlakauAtu grew up in an era where Queensland won year after year and tormented fans south of the border, eventually turning Olakau into a Maroons fan.to you.

Haumole Olakau’atu poses during the New South Wales camp. getty

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the damaging fullback admitted his previous support for the Maroons and apologized to the New South Wales faithful for an Instagram story he posted several years ago.

If II’ll be honest, I was growing up and betting on the maroons. Olakausaid atu.

I didI didn’t know football when I was young. I played football, but noI don’t know what was such a big deal. My father was also a supporter of the Maroons; I didn’t know anything else.

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I don’tI don’t know what I was thinking (with the social media post). I was stupid, I was childish and I hope all NSW fans can forgive me.

Over the years I started to realize that I live here in New South Wales and I deserve to be Blue.

Haumole Olakau’atu previously supported the Maroons in Origin. instagram

Despite his previous love for the Maroons (pointing to players like Greg Inglis and Johnathan Thurston as his favorite players), there was one player who won him over.

I loved Jarryd Hayne and how he played… thatIt’s part of where my Blues (fandom) started, OlakauAtu said with a smile.

While his loyalties had been debated prior to his selection,There is no doubt that on Wednesday night, the enforcer will be ready to attack for New South Wales.

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After missing out last year and seeing his Tongan teammate Keaon Koloamatangi debut, the fire was lit within Olakau.Atu and Maguire’s phone call over the weekend left him in an emotional state.

YoI’m still in shock, he said.

Haumole Olakau'atu in action for Manly against the Storm.

Haumole Olakau’atu in action for Manly. NRL Images

My mind just went blank (I remember the first words he said on the phone when he called me) and the rest was all a blur. CanI don’t remember anything else, but I was excited. I had my old man next to me, I was crying, it was a very special moment.

I was disappointed (last year), I’m not going to lie, it fueled the fire a little bit.

At the same time, I was very excited for Keaon to play for the Blues. He is a very good player and one of the best fullbacks in the game.

The reversal of form for both players.s respective clubs in 2024 has resulted in Olakauatu jumped ahead of rival Rabbitohs, with the Sea Eagles defeating the likes of Penrith and Melbourne over the course of the first 12 rounds.

Olakauatu thanked club teammates Daly Cherry-Evans and Jake Trbojevic, the two men who will captain Queensland and NSW respectively next week, for their recent performances for the club.

Daly Cherry-Evans will once again lead the Maroons. getty

TheyBoth have been huge for me, he said.

I play with Chez on the right side and every week I learn one or two new things from Chez. And for Jakey,Just because of his actions on defense, he is a great inspiration to us.

OlakauAtu is expected to come off the bench against Queensland, and in-form Angus Crichton will be called up in the back row alongside Liam Martin.

Zac Lomax, Joseph Suaalii, Dylan Edwards, Cameron McInnes and Spencer Leniu will join the Manly wrecking ball as debutants in the Blues squad.