MrBeast vs T-Series: YouTube star worries subscriber war with Indian music label will become ‘India vs America’

With the goal of beating T-Series and thus becoming the YouTube channel with the most subscribers like PewDiePie couldn’t, MrBeast is approaching 300 million subscribers on his account.

MrBeast aims for YouTube throne, closing gap with T-Series in subscriber battle

YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is set to overtake T-series as the most subscribed channel, but he doesn’t want his fight with the Indian record giant to be “racist”.

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MrBeast is on track to achieve what Swedish creator PewDiePie couldn’t: surpass the Indian record company as YouTube’s most subscribed channel. Both channels are in a tight race towards the 300 million subscriber mark.

As of this writing, MrBeast has amassed 262 million subscribers, behind T-Series, which has 266 million.

T-Series has been actively rallying its fan base to maintain its lead over MrBeast. Despite this, the YouTube icon remains confident that it will surpass the T-Series. However, he urges his fans not to take things too far.

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MrBeast warns that he will not accept any type of racist behavior towards T-Series

While sitting down for an interview with Jon Youshaei on May 28, MrBeast recounted his experience helping PewDiePie during his subscriber battle with T-Series in 2018.

“It became a little ‘this country versus that country.’ I don’t think Felix took him there, but he even became a bit racist in the subwar before. So I’m very aware of it, and that’s why I don’t lean too far,” MrBeast explained.

Donaldson explained that he is concerned that some viewers might turn it into an “India versus the United States” debate.

“I just want to be the channel with the most subscribers. Yes, I have a lot of people helping me, but at the end of the day, I started this channel. I live and breathe this. “I am a creator,” she said.

“I think it’s nice, a little bit of symbolism, that a creator is the channel with the most subscribers. “I’m not talking about (T-Series), but they are a corporation with probably a thousand times more employees than me.”

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MrBeast made it very clear that he does not support any type of racist behavior towards T-Series or its fans.

“We have to draw a line in the sand. I need to make it clear: I love India. I have fans in India. You are incredible. It has nothing to do with that. A lot of idiots will start tweeting: ‘India sucks! Go smash them, Jimmy! And I said, ‘Is this okay?’ That’s where a lot of my audience is, but that’s okay.”