Ryan García reveals his last wish and is criticized online

Ryan Garcia He never fails to keep his fans (and his haters) entertained, whether it’s rapping in his car with an orangutan or firing off controversial tweets. The last? A pretty dramatic last wish that has the internet humming.

The young boxing star tweeted: Let’s say RG died. On my tombstone I want it to say: “The king was here and then he was gone.”t‘.” Negrito, right? Well, the reactions were equally bold. While some fans hailed him as the ‘true champion,’ others were not so kind. One cheeky comment read: “Mr. de ostarine was here.“.

So what’s behind this cryptic message? Honestly, who knows? Ryan’s Twitter The feed is a rollercoaster of random thoughts and statements. Just a couple of days ago she announced that she was single and looking for a long term relationship. He then offered his services as a general to any country in need. Seems like the kind of thing ReyRy He is now known to publish online.

Ryan García tests positive for Ostarine

But in the middle of the fun, Garcia faces serious problems. Recently, the failed a doping test after your B samples returned positive for banned substance Ostarine. This news emerged a few days after his epic victory over Devin Haney On April 20.

Ryan García sings to the orangutan and feeds it grapes in his car

ryan He insists he is innocent and requested a test of his hair samples, which came back negative. He New York State Athletic Commission is investigating it and Garcia’s team hopes to prove that the substance entered his system through contamination. If they can’t, ryan you might be facing some serious consequences.

Despite these challenges, Ryan Garcia remains a sensation on social media. His particular sense of humor and controversial style keep both fans and critics on their toes. Whether you’re sharing a heartfelt wish or responding to haters, ReyRy He knows how to keep the spotlight firmly on him.

In the end, whether you love him or love to hate him, one thing is clear: Ryan Garcia It’s not going anywhere (at least not for a while).