Ato Forson challenges Henry Quartey to name NDC MPs who submitted names for recruitment into security agencies

Minority Leader Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson has denied claims that some members of his group submitted names for recruitment into various security agencies.

Dr Forson refuted the allegations allegedly made by Home Secretary Henry Quartey, calling them baseless and misleading.

He claimed the minister’s claims are an attempt to counter his revelations about the government’s clandestine and illegal recruitment into the security services ahead of December elections.

According to Dr Forson, the Ayawaso Central MP is trying to divert attention from the underlying issues at hand.

In a post on

“I find the recent statements by the Minister of Home Affairs, Henry Quartey, alarming and unfounded. His suggestion that members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have engaged in inappropriate recruitment practices without providing any evidence is a clear attempt to divert attention from the situation. substantive issues that concern us.”

I challenge the Minister of Home Affairs to name the people he claims were put forward by NDC MPs for recruitment. Let’s move away from rhetoric and toward accountability. “If the Minister cannot provide these names, then his statements must be seen for what they are: an attempt to distract from the substantial concerns we have raised,” he stated.

Minority Leader Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson alleged during a press conference on Monday, May 20 that all NPP parliamentary candidates have been allocated 30 seats each to select NPP loyalists and supporters to fill positions within the security services, including the police and military. .

Dr Forson urged President Akufo-Addo and the government to stop what he described as undemocratic behaviour, emphasizing the need for transparency and fairness in recruitment processes within the security sector.

Responding to these allegations, Mr Quartey described the minority’s claims as baseless and regrettable.

“It is quite unfortunate that MPs and of course a leader, a minority leader and a former Deputy Home Secretary can say this falsehood in public. There are currently about 137 parliamentarians… it cannot be possible, it is not and it cannot be possible. I am quite disappointed with this approach… Yes, we are recruiting, but it is not a secret recruitment. We haven’t even started. The agencies will send the eligibility criteria. I’m sure they will do it this week.”

“What we are saying rather is that in recent years people have gone to buy forms. And for some reasons, they could not be admitted into the security and intelligence agencies. “So we thought it would be wise not to have to do more advertising to get people to continually pay money because there are a certain number of people that, depending on the authorization, you have to recruit.”

“But I want to say with authority and I want to say again with authority that giving 30 seats to parliamentarians is false. It isn’t true. It has never happened before and I am surprised that they want to go on this tangent,” he stated.

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