Umahi denies snubbing journalists at Abuja meeting

The Minister of Public Works, David Umahi, has refuted media reports that he abandoned journalists during a meeting at the ministry’s conference room on Tuesday in Abuja.

The minister reportedly abruptly left the conference room where correspondents who had waited more than 50 minutes were gathered, stating that the press did not exist.

Upon his arrival at 2:50 p.m. and after reciting the national anthem and taking the oath, Umahi said: “There is no press here. The press conference is not held again when the press is ready.

“The permanent secretary and other directors should accompany me to my office. The press does not exist.”

However, reacting to the reports, Special Adviser to the Minister (Media), Orji U. Orji, in a statement on Tuesday, described the reports as a misrepresentation of facts, saying that the change in the press conference was due to “unforeseen circumstances.” ”

The statement read in part: “It should be noted that the decision of the Ministry’s management to reschedule the press conference to a more convenient date was made in good faith and was communicated to the audience of all present. My office took additional steps to apologize and appeal to revered journalists who agreed with me that the inconvenience caused by moving the press conference to another day was not deliberate.

“I must greatly congratulate the numerous members of the fourth estate of the kingdom, who understood my explanations about the demands that caused the postponement of the press conference by the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Public Works. I must also invite to the altar of development journalism the insignificant few who decided to go sensational by choosing unrelated subheadings to attract the interest of readers, only to tarnish the reputation of some of our celebrated leaders.”

Umahi noted that the ministry has an “unbreakable” relationship with journalists “as we see ourselves as partners in the development of our dear nation.”

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