The diner was disgusted to find insects after almost finishing his ban mian soup at the hospital food court stall.

A diner was disgusted to find an insect after almost finishing his ban mian soup at Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Healthy Kopitiam food court. Stomper shares photos of a small drowned insect on the edge of the bowl. Francisco He said the incident occurred on May 23 when he was having lunch. “After almost finishing the soup, something caught my attention,” the Stomper recounted. “I noticed there was a bug on my plate, a little bug that looked like a dead mosquito. Yuck!” He said he would have to reconsider whether he would return there. “You better think twice next time before frequenting the same stand again,” Stomper said.

Recently, Stomp reported that a woman found a live caterpillar writhing in her chicken rice at Cantine by Kopitiam in Jurong Point. If you have concerns about the food safety practices of food operators, you should report them to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) via the agency’s online feedback form. The SFA said it will investigate all comments alleging poor food safety practices. As part of the investigation and evidence gathering, the SFA may turn to the feedback provider for further details and will not hesitate to take enforcement action if sufficient evidence has been obtained. Stomper said she did not report the incident to the SFA.