Former Shortland Street actor Will Alexander’s pro-Palestine hunger strike reaches its twelfth day and he has lost 10kg so far

Actor Will Alexander is on strike against the Government’s actions in Israel’s war in Gaza.

Ex-Shortland Street Actor Will Alexander has lost more than 10kg on his hunger strike for Palestine in just 12 days and shows no signs of stopping.

Alexander has followed a calorie-free diet and consumes only water.

“To be honest, I feel quite shaky and dizzy when I get up, but yeah, overall I’m positive,” the Christchurch local said.

He described the hunger as “pretty persistent” for the first 3 or 4 days. Since then, the intensity has decreased.

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“It feels like the hunger has plateaued and is no longer increasing…my body, I don’t know, is giving up telling me it’s hungry,” she said.

“Now is not the time to stop, because the people of New Zealand are beginning to realize that our Government’s response is inadequate.”

The Alexanders strike began on May 18 over the Government’s actions regarding the ongoing war in Gaza.

He posted a video online vowing to continue his strike until the government “stops supporting the war in Gaza.” One of his demands is that the New Zealand company Rakon “stop supplying components for the weapons used by Israel.”

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On Tuesday, Alexander, along with the Palestinian Collective, protested outside Rakon’s offices in Mt Wellington, Auckland.

The group wanted to draw attention to its concerns about Rakon’s alleged involvement in supplying the United States with weapons components deployed by Israel.

The protest began at nine in the morning and continued until five in the afternoon.

“Rakon sells crystal oscillators to the United States and there is a possibility that they end up in weapons that are then sent to Israel.

“I ask that you stop all international exports until the New Zealand government is satisfied that none of those components end up in weapons used by Israel,” Alexander said.

Last Thursday, Rakon was scheduled to meet with Alexander. According to a statement from the Palestine Collective, he was “cancelled without explanation” by the company.

“So, they’re not really committed to what they’re accused of, which I think is really telling,” Alexander said.

Alexander is now waiting for a statement – from both Rakon and the Government this week – that will satisfy his demands. Until then, his strike continues.