/Goagoses advocates for science on south campus

KEETMANSHOOP – Deputy Minister of Higher Education Nathalia /Goagoses says more must be done to increase the number of graduates in the field of science at the University of Namibia South Campus.

He made this call when he recently visited the tertiary institution during his visits to various higher education facilities in //Kharas region.

“As stakeholders, we should sit around the table and see how we can better prepare and help students enroll in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields of study, as this is their gateway to being accepted.” in the discipline of geosciences on campus,” /Goagoses told the institution’s management.

The politician went on to say that another challenge to address is ensuring that more students enroll and complete the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level of their secondary education pathway, as this is the entry requirement to the field of study of geosciences.

“As a university, we must respond to the much-discussed agenda of developing green hydrogen production, as well as oil and gas discoveries, hence the need to ensure that more students receive adequate training in these areas through the geosciences as one. of the necessary interventions,” said the vice minister.

/Goagoses continued: “It is worrying that we are informed here today that only one of the 20 students in the geoscience class comes from this region. “We really have to do something urgently to change this scenario.”

He also expressed his gratitude to the campus management for the effort and commitment that he could see during his tour of the facilities and classrooms.

“It is quite commendable to observe an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and happiness among the students, who clearly demonstrated that they are here for a serious matter, that is, to obtain their grades,” he said.

Speaking, campus director Seth Eiseb said the geosciences department continues to play a crucial role in the country’s national development goals due to projected demands for critical raw materials and the transition to clean energy.

“The discovery of oil reserves in southern Namibia also dictates that we must train for a knowledge-based economy that maximizes profits through local content policies in these industries,” he said.

He also noted that the discipline of geosciences is only offered at the southern campus, hence their tireless efforts to serve all corners of Namibia.

When interviewed by New Era, Melania Nepolo, a second-year Bachelor of Education student, said: “I hereby encourage students to study hard and ensure that they are admitted to geosciences, as this is where the future is for us. , Young. ”.

Nepolo went on to say that he is very happy to study on a campus, where both students and professors are welcoming and have state-of-the-art facilities at their disposal.

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