Woman scammed by sea view hotel sign in Italy B&B

One traveler claims that her ocean view room did not face the ocean but rather a large ocean sign. Photo / WikiCommons

Sometimes you arrive at a vacation destination and realize that the view from your hotel room is even more beautiful than you imagined. Other times, you realize it’s literally an image.

An Argentinian woman shared a now-viral video exposing an alleged hotel scam she experienced while on vacation in Italy.

Clarisa Murgia was traveling through Italy when she arrived at a B&B that she said was described as the holiday of a lifetime. Muriga did not reveal the location, but she said she paid a premium price for an ocean view.

When he arrived at the room, he indeed saw a stunning view of the sea, with crystal clear waters and a wide coastline populated with distant villas.

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However, he soon realized that it was an illusion and that the image was actually a large poster taped to the wall of a building right next to his window.

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In the clip, titled “Expectation vs Reality” in Spanish, Murgia shows how, at first, the view seems quite real. Once out, it becomes clear that the image is a sign, used to spruce up a narrow alley.

«Someone rented a B&B with sea views. “I feel cheated, guys,” reads a translation of the text superimposed on the video.

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“No one has ever fooled me like this before, hahaha.”

Nearly 2,000 people left comments on the video, many expressing disappointment in Muriga and others making jokes.

“Not even my ex lied that much,” one person wrote, while another stated, “My lot in life is summed up in this video.”

One person pointed out that the ad was technically true since it had a view of the ocean, but it wasn’t a real ocean.

Another said it was Murgia’s fault for not checking the location of the accommodation on Google Maps, as she could have seen that it was not near an ocean or that there was another building next to it. Murgia admitted that she was “kind of stupid” for falling for the deception.

While Murgia did not share the location, several viewers said it was likely in Naples, a city with a reputation for crime.

The Argentine is not the first traveler scammed by an accommodation in Italy. Fortunately for her, he had a place to stay.

A group of American women who visited Positano were not so lucky in 2023, according to a series of videos shared by TikTok influencer Alix Earle. In videos shared with her millions of followers, Earle explained how “the girls’ trip took a turn.”

Speaking to camera, the 22-year-old said it wasn’t until the group arrived at their accommodation that he realized it.

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