Hunt: Showdown leaves PS4 and Xbox One behind with its free next-gen upgrade

Hunt: Showdown developer Crytek has announced the end of support for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game as it prepares to release a major free next-gen update.

Hunt: Showdown is a tense multiplayer first-person shooter where players work to survive against each other while hunting mythical monsters before reaching an extraction point.

Crytek is treating August 15 as a “significant re-release” of Hunt: Showdown, which first launched on Steam in early access form in February before launching on Xbox in 2019. The full release followed later in 2019. , ahead of a PS4 release in 2020. .

The free update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series UI/UX. .

After the update goes live on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, you will no longer be able to play Hunt on the latest generation of consoles, Crytek warned. Crytek said player accounts, rights, and all DLC carry over to the new version for free “when you’re ready to make the hardware transition.”

Crytek said it will reveal details in the months leading up to the next-gen update. Here’s what you can expect from the developer:

  • Community surveys, lessons learned and how this data will affect future events
  • A sneak peek of the new UX/UI design
  • Tech updates and performance improvements coming to Hunt via CRYENGINE 5.11 and what that means for players
  • An update on the Fair Play Task Force and the measures being taken to address cheating, exploitative play, and toxic interactions.
  • The evolution of the Hunter recruitment/prestige systems, as well as the changes being made to the progression system.
  • Overview design vision for game mechanics and decisions made around hunter revivals, health shards, restorations, burning fallen hunters, and more.

Crytek is also working on the sequel to the first-person shooter Crysis 4, announced in 2022 but with no release window.

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